We know Oil and Gas.

We are committed to using proven and scientific strategies for drilling operations to maximize the return on investment for our partners with every well we drill.

About Us

Pecos Country Operating, LLC is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Fort Worth. We own and operate wells across the South Central United States with our predominant means of production coming out of West and North Texas.

Key Operational Areas


The company is deeply invested in the exploration of new oil and gas fields, leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure efficient and sustainable exploration.


Pecos Country Operating, LLC operates multiple wells across the South Central United States, focusing on maximizing production while maintaining environmental safety and sustainability.


As a privately owned entity, the company has the flexibility to adapt quickly to market dynamics and make strategic decisions to enhance its business prospects.

Relationship Building

Cultivate relationships with institutional investors, analysts, and industry experts to enhance the company's credibility and visibility within the investment community.

Exploring new areas of production is a two-fold process. It involves studying market trends and innovating within our existing business model..

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Exploration of New Production Areas

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, standing still means falling behind. To that end, we are continually seeking opportunities for new areas of production. Our exploration efforts are not confined to the boundaries of our existing markets or industries. We leverage our expertise and resources to probe into new uncharted territories, aiming to identify and exploit new revenue-generating potentials.

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